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Ph.D., LCSW, EMDR Certified


I hold a Ph.D. and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Florida, Virginia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. I am a Certified EMDR clinician and a Certified

EMDR Consultant to clinicians who seek to become EMDR Certified.

My research focus is childhood trauma and emotional intelligence and I have extensive clinical experience in the treatment of trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, abuse, neglect, grief, and loss. In addition to my private practice,

I teach and train first responders, mental health professionals, and graduate students about trauma, vicarious trauma, and the practice of EMDR therapy.


I view depression and anxiety as symptoms of underlying negative views of self and the world. Such symptoms are the result of harmful past experiences that led us to adopt the belief that we are helpless, hopeless, bad, or unsafe.


In my clinical view and experience, these harmful views are changeable.


Through my work at high-end treatment centers for dual diagnoses,

at mental health facilities, in private practice, and through thousands of hours practicing with groups and individuals, I support and guide my clients in order to set them free to move forward in their lives.


Through your work with me you will regain control of your emotions and feelings, regain the power to choose your behaviors, and improve your communication and relationships with people in your life. My goal is you.

I strongly believe that change is possible and that every person can achieve his or her full potential and have his or her needs met.


A good therapeutic relationship is based on safety and trust. I always work with full empathy and care and provide honest and direct feedback to guide my clients in their process of change.


Revital Goodman, Ph.D., LCSW,

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