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For Professionals


Often, professionals who complete the EMDR basic training still do not feel comfortable practicing EMDR with their clients.


While basic EMDR trainings provide a foundational understanding of the model and its core concepts, basic trainings may not be sufficient to fully integrate the model into your practice, leading to avoiding and discarding the use of EMDR with your clients.

The process of EMDR consultation for certification is focused on enhancing a deep understanding of EMDR and the AIP model, learning how to conceptualize your clients’ presentation and needs through the lens of EMDR, and fully integrating the skills and knowledge of EMDR therapy into your clinical practice.


Clinicians who continue their EMDR training through consultation are more likely to use EMDR in their practice. Using EMDR in your clinical practice results in higher attunement to your clients’ experiences and needs, advances your clients’ progress safely and rapidly, and provides you a layer of protection from burn-out and from vicarious trauma.

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